Snails-Laboratory 1 (size 85-150cm)

I designed a laboratory in which I was able to perform a controlled research into the paper eating habits of snails (Helix aspersa gros gris) and their excrements. Mainly when hey ate paper: Snail-paper-recycling. They eat it because of the celstructure cellulose. It started because of plague of snails in the garden.......2008/2009. Each box is made for specific research. For more information about the results, pictures, the archive please contact me. For exhibitions we need an agreement because of the daily intensive care of the snails. Please email your questions and I will reply as soon as possible.


photo claudio grassi: Salone del Mobile 2013/ Ventura Lambrate   


Color pooping snails

Kleurpoepende slakken


Poster 60cm-42cm printed on foam. 30 euro excl. delivery. Interested? Contact me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Whether they would eat colored paper and the strength of the excrements of colored paper. The result was that snails do not only eat colored paper, but also defecate in color. So blue paper means blue excrements! And grey excrements in case they eat recycled newspapers! So, snails recycle paper, dependent on thickness of the paper. This is what I researched in my laboratory: the structure, thickness, speed of eating and defecating, etc



Snail-excrements machine(size 170-120-45cm)                     

The machinegrinds and mixed the snails-excrements. Pressed intomoldsand is driedin tileform to be used as floor. Or snails-excrements-linoleum a semi-finished product.

'The machine drives around for snails excrements-processing'.

Want to now more about the machine? And the and the possibility to present it on your exhibition? Please email your questions and I will reply as soon as possible.



Snails-excements-machine, the minitature snailslaboratory 2 (size 65cm-55cm), snails-excrementslinoleumsamples and bundles at the van Abbemuseum Eindhoven october 2012




 Scetch before building the machine                        Grinding                                                                               Mixing, press


Snails excrements slakkenpoep                                                                  Tiles made of the excrements


Samples                                                                                                                     Snails-linoleum-sample


But what can be done with these snail excrements? Walking outside, in the garden or in the streets, we are constantly walking on snail excrements. But because these excrements are very small and look like normal dirt, we are not aware of this. This made me think of a situation where these excrements are in color. This would be some sort of snail-excrements-carpet. The tiles are semi-manufactured goods and I am currently researching the possibility of making the tiles of linoleum.



Poster (size42-60cm)

startingthesis, notepads eaten by snails.


Starting thesis, notepads eaten by snails.



 Object/project (size 35-60-50cm)



3d sketch I made. For me this works like a reflection on the project and in this case it was the inspiration for the snails-excrements-threads. Now my 'best frend'.


Museum of architecture and design MAO Ljubljana, Slovenie


Threads of made of snails-excrements (diameter 5 mm) Slakkenpoepdraad


Handmade with a spatula. I pressthe snail excrements together with a mixture for keeping the colors

1 meter = 1 hour work, 1 meter = 6 grams snail-excrements, 6 grams snail-excrements = 6 days with 7 snails



Art against war !





In het nieuwe rapport van de VN dat vandaag verschenen is, blijkt dat kinderen ingezet worden bij de gewapende strijd in Syriƫ. Het rapport liegt er niet om: kinderen worden gebruikt als menselijk schild.




'Snails invasion'



Video film in collaboration with Iris Grob

This is a thought, a reflection. What if thesnails take back the high buildings to their nature..


 'Fondle machine'


The fondle machine, Designed for public spaces, railway stationetc.To spend the minutesof waitingin an interactive way, to bring people together. (Size 150cm-45cm)   

1 2 3 4 5 6 7


1 Inspiration 'fondle machine'. Thousands ofpeople whohavepetted this pole

2 Mapwherefondlemachinecould be

3 Sketch

4 Sketch does it work?

5 Inside the Fondlemachine

6 Drawnings of information

7 Fondlemachine at exhibition


  The first snails-excrements-wallcarpet, 'Slakkenpoeptapijtje'


Finaly I finisht the first snail-excrements wallcarpet! size: 31 cm- 43 cm.

356 snails

423 gram snails-excrements

78,30 meters

77 threads

Lieske: 67 hours

Slakken: 588 hours

Interested? Please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. I will replay soon as possible.

(currently working on more carpets)



Size: 85-65cm






Tile made of snails-excrements (size 30-30cm)



For me this is like a painting